We look through legacy systems

Legacy Systems in Virtual Reality


The problem

Legacy systems have grown over years and decades with the consequence that the systems have become complex, inscrutable entities. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the original developers are no longer available or will retire very soon. For new employees, it is enormously time-consuming to capture the legacy system as a whole and to manually extract the dependencies and cause-effect relationships from the source code.

The solution

AVESOR® automatically analyzes the legacy source code (e.g. Cobol, RPG, PL/1) and presents the results in virtual reality using the Ocolus GO VR glasses for interactive analysis. The interactive analysis in Virtual Reality has the great advantage that project managers, software engineers or analysts can quickly and comprehensively understand the legacy system under investigation - even without in-depth knowledge of the system - without having to work through the source code.

Special Projects

Projekt als Baustelle dargestellt

Special Projects - intended for projects outside the requirements of adaptation and extension.

Special Projects concern,

  • the examination of the current structure of the legacy source code,
  • the controlled dismantling or dismantling of as well as
  • modernization
of legacy systems.

The source code (Cobol, RPG, PL/1 - other programming languages on request) is comprehensively examined. The existing source code (incl. database descriptions, etc.) always forms the basis for modernization and dismantling projects. Therefore it is necessary to know exactly what awaits a project team, when a legacy system has to be dismantled or modernized.