We look through source code

Fact Sheet AVESOR® Explorer

From practice

  • System scope: several thousand individual programs, copy files, etc.
  • Dependencies and high linkages turn new releases into "nail-biting games“
  • "Dead programs" as well as many "nearly" identical programs drive up the time requirement for manual code analyses
  • Only very few developers see through parts of the entire system

Benefits / Results (excerpt)

  • Identified "dead programs" and nearly identical programs
  • Complexity hotspot identified
  • Identified programs that can affect the entire system when changed


  • Virtual execution (MS Teams, Webex, Zoom)
  • On-site (for special needs)
  • Duration: 2 Sprints

Price models

  • Pay per use (number of elements examined)
  • Annual fee for recurring, periodic tracking of the development of your legacy system