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FAQ‘s — Frequently asked questions

Who can use the VR model?

The VR model is intended for all those who need to recognize the structure from the existing system. A comparison: A hiker can admire and enjoy the fauna and flora directly. However, he cannot see how the terrain will continue in e.g.: 3 kilometres - the view is blocked to him by forest. He can only find out if he is in a balloon or if he is using a drone with camera. From the wanderer back to software systems: from software systems that are getting on in years, for example, you hardly have a detailed and above all an up-to-date software architecture description - you are on the road without a terrain map and don't know what surprises might be waiting for you.

Do I have to be a programmer to understand the VR model?

No, you don't need any programming knowledge to understand the VR model.

Can the VR model be adapted to my specific requirements?

If required, the VR model can be adapted to your specific requirements, which go beyond the standard virtual reality model. In this case, we will conduct a free workshop day with you to understand your specific requirements. With this, we will make an offer on time and material basis for individual customization of our systems to your specific requirements. After ordering the individual adjustments, the AVESOR evaluation systems and the VR model are individually adapted to your needs.

Can I program with the VR model?

No, no further programming environment was deliberately created. The VR model serves to illustrate the overall situation of your software system with all its dependencies, sizes and complexities.

Is the VR model another form of "static code analysis"?

No. Static code analyses are specialized in the very detailed analysis of source code, for example whether a variable has an initial value at a certain point in the program code or not. The VR model starts from the source code level and increases the flight altitude. This is done for the reason of being able to recognize structural connections and dependencies. These aspects are of highest importance for effort, lead time and risks of modernization and replacement projects, but also for extensions of the functionality of the legacy software.

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